Darren Fast

Light it up

I was at Lee Valley and found this capsule for storing small things, that I thought would be a nice addition to my camera bag and then decided to light it up after sticking some magnets on it. 365 - day 331

order from chaos

A business card holder that I have that was lit from the top. An experiment with an extension tube on an adapter allowing my nikon 50mm to be used on my Sony camera.365 - day 227

Yer out!!!

Ball diamond lights 365 - Day 216


Reflected drops on a spoon balanced on an umbrella


365-Day 113

Sailing away

365-Day 120

The great mystery

I don't even know how to start explaining this. It's a rubber seal from a tank cover for a heater that has come loose. 365 - day 220

Something wicked this way comes

Vice grip jaws Day 150

Bonds of love

Connected legs of a table. This reminded me of how much we need community and that none of us is truly independent. 365 - Day 220


Seat of a lawn chair

Sawyer Bay

Lake Superior rocks 365 - Day 223


Paddle 365 - Day 227

Burning in Hell

Composite sheet 365 - day 230


This reminds me of protein sizing SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis I ran while getting my degree. 365 - day 232

Snack time

365-Day 119

Red Rocks

Macro of ice cubes with red light 365 - day 233

Going in circles

inside of a mug 365 - Day 234


Bent nail on a wood floor 365 - day 239


Spider webs in a torch 365 - Day 240

Welcome to the hood

Lanterns 365 - day 243

Just another bolt in the wall

365-Day 118


365-Day 122


Calgary 365-Day 152

Anger Management 101

Abandoned school wall 365-Day 155


Paddle 365 - Day 227

An old story

fallen log 365 - day 241

Bobbing for Apples

We were kayaking and came across a number of apples floating amongst the algae. 365 - day 242


Giant flower pots 365 - day 249

Arm wrestling

Even though I know what this is and which is foreground and background, it's trippy 365 - Day 246

Hold me tight

Seatback magazine holder on my flight home. 365 - Day 253

Slice of Life

Serving tray on red background

Pearly Whites

Toothbrush head 365 - day 258

Looking for inspiration

Faculty of Art building on University of Manitoba campus 365 - day 259

Ready for the show

Framed photos for my upcoming show. 365 - day 260

Grace under pressure

Bridge pillar 365 - day 261

Go Fetch

Branch with water washing over it on the beach

Another load

Abstract laundry basket 365 - Day 264

It's over

Old rake poked through a leaf 365 - day 265

Leaves 1, rake 0

A well loved leaf rake

The blank page

Coil bound notebook 365- Day 266

Shaken, not stirred

Martini strainer 365 - day 267

Dinner time

Closeup of a vegetable grater 365 - day 271

Park Here

Bike Rack

Working from home

I was working from home this morning and came back to my desk without turning on the lights and saw the hard drive I took out of it's enclosure sitting there in a fresh light and also noticed the crumb from whatever snack I had at some point lit by the LED light. 365- day 273

Looking up!

Ceiling above a stairwell. 365 - day 322


A new shirt 365 - day 324


Trying to find a moment of zen. 365 - day 325

Resistance is (not) futile

Found this bit of grass buried under fresh snow as I was walking along the river this afternoon. 365 - day 326


Rainy day fun 365 - day 247


Embers from a (large) fire


Abstract trees

Eight ball in the corner pocket

Blood moon 365 - day


Blood moon over the Riel Esplanade Bridge

Things are looking up

Long exposure while looking straight up

It's here

First snow of the season.


Rain drops on a leaf

Bottom's up

I came across a tutorial on how to create a refractograph and after some practice, came up with this. Many thanks to http://robturneyvisuals.com/ for providing a tutorial. This is a photo of the base of a wine glass with a beam of light shining on it taken without a lens on my camera. 365 - day 307


Handle of a shopping bag 365 - day 308


Edge of a book 365 - day 310

Infinite Loop

I found this underneath a bridge and with the contrast against the bright blue sky thought it made an interesting photo. 365 - day 319


Hard to begin to explain this one. It's mainly caused by neglect. I've been watching several balloons I got months ago slowly deflate and these great patterns started showing up on one of them a few weeks ago. I let it "mature" and waited for the right day to take the pic. Of course, once tried to reposition the balloon it popped, so all I've got now is a memory. 365 - day 321

A grey day

Atrium of the building I work in on a grey day 365 - day 320

two sheets to the wind

After dealing with reams of paper and files all day, these two blank pages were all that was left. 365 - day 329

To infiinity and beyond

This abstract of a portable tripod reminded me of the belly of a futuristic spaceship. 365 - day 299

The zipper

I had another idea for a shot with matches, but after breaking quite a few and not getting the shot, I've decided to leave that one for another day. 365 - day 330

Fleeting beauty

Found these beautiful Ice crystals on our window this morning and I'm glad I caught them when I did as 10 min later they were gone. 365 - day 332


Bridge at Lagimodiere Gaboury park. The sun really lit up the girders and the concrete pier with the beautiful golden light.


Candlelight through a crystal 365 - day 334

Dust to dust

I was playing with light this evening and found this memory from my first burning man as I was looking for a subject. It's a little paper man in a vial of dust. A reminder that we are all dust. 365 - day 335

Night light

I didn't have time to take my daily photo until the very end of the day, and found this interesting lamp beside my bed in the hotel room that I'm in tonight. 365 - day 337


Found these lovely lines of bright sunlight streaming through a fence as I stepped out of the house to take my daily photo. I took a bunch of others, but this was a clear winner. 365 - day 339


coil bound notebook spine 365-Day 113

Guardians of the flame

365-Day 110


365-Day 99

Red Light, Green Light

365-Day 92


365 Day 54


365 - Day 46

Spiral Dynamics

365 - Day 25


365 - Day 50

Signs of Spring

365 - Day 47

minus 30

365 Day 45


Bubble wrap on a red background


365 - Day 8


Toilet paper roll on red brick wall


Coiled spring abstract 365 - Day 1

Shaken, not stirred

365-Day 145

Sweet blue strain 2

Colored corn syrup drops

Sweet blue strain

Colored corn syrup drops

A complicated relationship

Pottery bowl with branch tied to it


blue glass ornament swinging in front of a rainy window

Nowhere to go

Rusted Bolt on a train bridge 365-Day 151

Something wicked this way comes

Vice grip jaws 365 - Day 150

Slip sliding away

Oil drops on glass

Tappin' on the glass

Oil drops on glass 365-Day 149

Turning the page

Pages of a book 365 Day 148

Out of the frying pan...

Charred Bell Pepper 365-Day 147

Runneth over

Fountain long exposure 365-Day 146

Beetle Pine

A candle holder I got as a speakers gift last week. It is quite beautiful. It is made by G. Wyka of Prince George BC. 365 - day 341

Wonderland redux

Sculpture at The Bow in Calgary 365- day 260

Just a blur

I normally title my photos after I've taken them, but today was one of many busy days and it felt like I was running from place to place all day. Since the title was clear, I then had to find a photo that fit. 365 - day 341


I'm working on a couple of big projects at work and while they are all good and very exciting, it seems like we've uncorked something that's not going back into the bottle. 365 - day 343

One more time...

Socks and a radiator. 365 - day 344

Shadow work

I had this great idea that I was going to light this bulb up and somehow get an interesting photo. After many attempts, I figured out that it might be more interesting if I didn't light the bulb at all. 365 - day 345

Structure vs chaos

Caught this shot of the river flowing quite quickly under the newly formed ice. Wish I could have gotten closer.


Seems sort of self evident, but someone seemed to need to tag it.

Beans or rice?

Found some taco shell pans and some el wire, and voila! A photo of the day. 365 - day 348

Just a quick read

The pile of paper from some proposals I need to review. about 300 pages. 365 - day 349

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away

Given that the latest installment of Star Wars opens tonight, I thought it was a fitting title for the shot which again, wasn't what I'd envisioned when I started taking pictures. 365 - day 350

Some things are smaller than they appear

Shadow cast by a candle holder. I was reminded of how I sometimes make big things out of small assumptions and that's not always a true representation of the situtation 365 - day 352


I was munching on some oranges and went back to an idea I had the other day for a photo, but couldn't quite get to work. A fresh approach today and it was relatively easy. 365 - day 353


colored lights and some paper. 365 - day 356

Ready to go

The gifts are wrapped, work is done, now to relax. 365 - day 357

Through the looking glass

Condensation on the window 365 - day 360

All that glitters...

Even the things in the kitchen. 365- day 361


Created in conjunction with my wonderful wife Carolin! 365 - day 362


Cheers to another year almost done! 365 - day 364


Avocado seeds that are leftover from some pudding that I made earlier today.

It's been a slice

Edge of a bread knife.


Found this interesting mix of sand and snow in a drift while I was out for a walk this afternoon.

Shadows in the snow

Found this interesting snowbank on Lake Winnipeg. It seemed to be caused by ice that had piled up near the shore as there was a line of this sort of drifts.

Your name in lights

I was watching a youtube video on how to use one of my cameras and used this light as a subject. And then took it with my other camera to get this shot.

Off Kilter

Despite the holidays being over, I found this ornament in the forest and shooting it at an angle just seemed to make the most sense.

el aurora

This shot was tough. Had to blow out the candle almost immediately after opening the shutter and then swung the el wire around for another 12 seconds to get the effect.


I actually didn't take a photo yesterday. Felt very weird after taking photos every day for just over a year. This is a closeup of a very delicious pineapple.

It's all a blur

A large chunk of my day was spent creating a document and when I thought of reviewing it tonight, the idea for this picture came to mind.


Caught the sun glinting off this frozen bubble.

Breaking away

Velcro picture hangers lit with a red strobe.


Week 2 photo challenge. It was cold today (-25C) so I made bubbles as the foreground for my landscape.

Tell me about your day.

Two teddy bears having a conversation in front of an icy window.

Down the rabbit hole

Didn't have much time for my photo today, so threw a flashlight into one end of this cable organizer tube and liked what I saw.


Lit the background by angling my light and captured this.

Hands of time

My youngest child turns 20 this week and I'm feeling time move by very quickly!

In focus

My first attempt at focus stacking (at least that I'm showing anyone). Composite of 10 frames (and and 11th of a totally different exposure to get the skin of the drum exposed properly). The shot is through a djembe with the light source on the other side of the skin.

Finding my bliss

Single exposure, levels adjusted in photoshop.

Grasping at straws

Clenched hand

The Scream(er)

As soon as I looked at this, I saw a strong resemblence to the face in Munch's "The scream"

Bubbling with excitement

Oil droplets on a piece of glass

Steppin Out

What I see is someone stepping out of the cup confidently. Sort of the way I feel after I've had my first cup of coffee in the morning (OK, after the second cup).


Getting these magnets to stay put was a challenge until I put extra magnets underneath my background

In a new light

A light stand I've been using as the subject rather than holding up the light.


Got these posts today to hold up some lights. Also got to practice some more focus stacking as this is a compilation of 12 shots.

Magic Eye

Didn't have much time today, so I found this hole in a light modifier as a subject.

Mixed up

Business end of a colorful whisk


braided licorice twists

Mister black

Spray from some whiteboard cleaner

Mixed Signals

Playing with selections for my photoshop course. Two magazine racks against a white background. I didn't fill in the bottom circles since I thought they added some interest

Love in the dark

Found this fun candle on my last trip and brought it home to my love.


Light bulb in a crawl space

Getting to the point

At one of my meetings today we circled around the real issue for about 30 minutes before getting to the point. Seems like trying to write with multiple pencils at the same time.

The Pen(cil) is mightier than the sword

Macro of a handful of pencils

Another point of view

Another in my series of pencil photographs

Passing through

This feels like my week, which was mainly a blur due to all the activity.


Heard these snowballs rolling down the roof and had to go look.

Free Speech

Another in the pencil series. This one was inspired by a piece I read about how we need protesters who will stand up for what they believe in to get the rest of us to even contemplate change.

Context is everything

A fresh perspective can definitely change thinking.

Tipping the scale

I stumbled across this old balance and thought that it made an interesting photo with the setting sun in the background.

Soup's up

A stack of bowls.

Keeping up

A view through an old viewfinder of a old Brownie camera

getting to the point

Another in the pencil series. This one was inspired by a meeting I was in today where we seemed to go down a very windy path to the point where we understood each other

seeing double

Stacked wine glasses


Another in the pencil series. This one was inspired by the feeling of not always fitting in.

Bird of Paradise

fun with a spoon and some incense


Week 15 of the Dogwood Challenge, Artistic Metal


More pencils

Guiding light

Another in the pencil series. This one was inspired by those that are no longer with us, but who have provided light for the rest of us to see by.


Always something that is easier to focus on than the present

Key to the future

I needed an allen key twice today, so I figured it might make a good photo.

Spring Thaw

This is one of the bypass channels for a hydro-electric dam. The layers of ice were still melting

Modified modifier

I was using this light modifier to focus some light, but I wasn't happy with the shots. So I took some of the modifier


More pencils.


Playing with ferrofluid and acrylic paint


Playing with ferrofluid and acrylic paint

I see a cat

Playing with ferrofluid and acrylic paint

Pushing the edge

Playing with ferrofluid and acrylic paint

Ready for the rain


Historic Angles

Rusting metal as part of an unfinished interpretive display

Lines of attraction

Ferrofluid on a flat surface


tissues in a stack

Three pencils

Part of the pencil series


Another in the pencil series.

Piling on

There was some smoke in the air tonight, likely from the fires near Fort McMurray, Alberta which is nearly 2000 km from here. Definitely feel for the residents from there who've had all kinds of things piled on.


Rusting metal as part of an unfinished interpretive display


Another in the pencil series.

Hot stuff

patio heater

Under the sea

closeup of a budding sunflower

Rest in Peace

Our popcorn maker has made it's last batch. It's served us well.


Early bloom of a sunflower


bundle of zip ties

Bright ideas

More pencils!!


LED lights in a glass

Over the Clift

stairwell at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco

Sands of time

Found these dunes on my bike ride in San Francisco

light it up

LED lights


coins and magnets

Patio reflections

Reflecting on the day while on the patio

A Clean Sweep

Macro of a straw broom

Speed of sound

Another in the pencil series

At the lake

long exposure of waves lapping against a kayak


Water drops in the sunshine

Red Rocks

Found these red rocks on the beach and the sun at just the right angle.

Eye in the sky

potlight with interesting water reflections

Joined at the hip

hotel room lamp


Hotel balconies

Cracks in the system

Fractures in concrete

Ties that bind

Thinking of the many ways we're connected.


fabric and light


decorative lights on the patio