Darren Fast


CP Rail Yards 365- Day 213

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Inuksuk 365 Day 214

Forgotten, but not gone

The formerly magestic MS Lord Selkirk

Going, going, gone

The formerly magestic MS Lord Selkirk 365 - Day 215

Good night sweet sun

365-Day 106

Somewhere in Saskatchewan

365-Day 114

Guarding the dock

365-Day 116

Birds eye view

365-Day 117

The day the wind died

Henderson Lake 365-Day 156

Lost River

Lost River 365- Day 157

Quintessentially Canadian

Loon Lake Sunset 365 - Day 221

Fire in the sky

Loon Lake Sunset

Waking the Giant

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

A Superior View

The Sea Lion structure in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park 365 - Day 222

Sawyer Bay

Lake Superior rocks 365 - Day 223

The Shitter

An outhouse (is it still called an outhouse, if there's no house around it?) in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

Say yes to the bridge

Ouimet Provinical Park Bridge 365 - Day 224

another day in paradise

Loon Lake sunset

Is this seat taken?

Abandoned chair 365 - Day 226

Prairie Oasis

Prairie silhouette 365 - day 231

Quintessentially Canadian

Loon Lake Sunset 365 - Day 221

A Superior View

The Sea Lion structure in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park 365 - Day 222

Coulee iron

365-Day 115

Signs of change

Little Mountain Park 365 - Day 236

Under the canopy

Kayaking on the Seine 365 - Day 237

The Bread Basket

Prairie Sunset Panorama 365 - Day 238


Bridge over the Red River as the river is starting to freeze

The Peg

Another beautiful day in the peg! 365- day 245

Rest Area

I found this abandoned chair at one of the entrances to this parkway. Ironically, the nearby sign indicates that there are no ameneties along the pathway. 365 - Day 250

Loon Lake Sunset

Loon Lake, Ontario

Two Rivers

365-Day 98

Reflecting on the day

La Salle River sunset. Combined from multiple exposures

Change is in the air

It's definitely fall

Putting on a show

Seven Sisters Falls

A table for...

Stranded picnic table 365 - Day 262

Rise and Fall of the Question Mark

Found these rocks which were getting washed by the waves 365 - Day 263


Abandoned Train Bridge

Putting out the flame

Prairie sunset panorama

By the light of the moon

Patio sunset view 365 - day 268

River Guardian

Wood carving along the Seine River 365 - Day 269


The Canadian Museum of Human Rights

The Bridge

Got this shot while waiting for the lunar eclipse. The bridge was badly panned when it was first built, but is now an icon of our city.


River view

Kings path

Path in the forest 365 - day 272


A new shirt 365 - day 324

The 201

Pembina Valley Provincial Park 365 - day 276

Valley vista

Pembina Valley Provincial Park

Change is in the air

Assiniboine River at Beaudry Provincial Park

Up the lazy river

Assiniboine River at Beaudry Provincial Park

Bridge over troubled waters

One of the largest reclamation sites in Canada about 5 years later. The plants and forest are coming back. 365 - day 290


I went to Oak Hammock Marsh today and saw thousands of geese preparing to fly south. While this shot doesn't have any geese, this location is a gathering point on the flyway. 365 - day 298

Big Sky

Oak Hammock Marsh

The Sentinel

Lone tree on the dike at Oak Hammock Marsh


The Pembina River with the Pembina escarpment in the distance. This was the edge of the ancient Lake Agassiz. 365 - day 302

Binney Corner

The "bridge" at the Binney Corner Nature Preserve


Bale on a path


Colours at Fort Whyte Alive on a cloudy fall day. 365 -day 305

Still alive

Despite fall being in full force and most of the trees being bare, there is a lot of life in the pond at Fort Whyte Alive

In the oxbow

I was at one of my favourite places this morning (the Bois Des Esprits) and saw the beautiful colours in this oxbox of the Seine River. 365- day 311

Freezing point

Fresh ice on the Seine River.

The Senkiw School Suspension Bridge

A rebuild of the original 1930 bridge. Now a protected heritage site http://www.historicplaces.ca/en/rep-reg/place-lieu.aspx?id=6376 365 - day 312

It just doesn't stop

McGillvary Falls on a beautiful mid-November afternoon. While I was on my hike I was contemplating the state of the world and hence the title of this photo. 365 - day 318

McGillvary Falls

McGillvary Falls on a beautiful mid-November afternoon.

McGillvary Lake

McGillvary Lake on a beautiful, if not unseasonably warm, November day.

Over the hill

I was walking along the path in Lagimodiere Gaboury park and came upon this beautiful light as the sun was low on the horizon. 365 - day 333


I counted 390 stairs down (and yes I walked up too) to the ocean just off the UBC campus. 365 - Day 336

Prince George

After my talk, I went back to my hotel just in time to catch the sunset and a shot of the city. 365 - day 338


Found these lovely lines of bright sunlight streaming through a fence as I stepped out of the house to take my daily photo. I took a bunch of others, but this was a clear winner. 365 - day 339


Ice forming on Lake Winnipeg. The round circles are ice that's formed on top of rocks. 365 - day 340

North Winds

This small point was found in the southern basin of Lake Winnipeg where the wind had blown some of the newsly formed ice into some very interesting piles.

All washed up

Ice collecting in the southern basin of Lake Winnipeg on a beautiful early winter day.

Guarding the dock

Seagull sitting on a dock 365-Day 116

Coulee iron

High Level Bridge across the Old Man River, 365-Day 115

Somewhere in Saskatchewan

Barbed wire fence between fields 365-Day 114

another brick (missing) in the wall

365-Day 91

Friday Night Lights

365 - Day 23

Ocean Breeze

365 Day 30

The road to Oz


Shuttin it down

Reflections of Thanks

Big Stopper

Curling up for the night

The flaming bush

Emerging from the Deep

The few left standing

Bare trees on a beach 365-Day 130

Walking the line

365-Day 124

Passing showers

365-Day 123


Train with elevator in background

How the mighty have fallen

Fallen tree in Lake Manitoba

Remant of the storm

Fallen tree in Lake Manitoba

Resting Giant

Fallen tree in Lake Manitoba


Weathered tree roots


We had this wonderful fog this morning as I went out to take my photo. 365 - day 347

Structure vs chaos

Caught this shot of the river flowing quite quickly under the newly formed ice. Wish I could have gotten closer.


A pathway at Assiniboine Park with a canopy of elms. 365 - day 354

A fresh blanket

We had our first big dump of snow this week and the winds have been calm so it's still on the trees.

This is new!

I had a few moments between events today and stopped by St. Vital Park and found this modern looking warming hut next to the ice rink. Day 355

Winter Wonderland

Found this fabulous hoarfrost on the way to our Christmas celebration 365 - Day 358

A white Christmas

The road outside the cabin where we get to spend Christmas! 365- day 359

The Future

As my 365 project comes to an end, I'm thinking about what's next in terms of a creative endeavor. 365 - day 363

Off Kilter

Despite the holidays being over, I found this ornament in the forest and shooting it at an angle just seemed to make the most sense.


Week 2 photo challenge. It was cold today (-25C) so I made bubbles as the foreground for my landscape.

Turn left at the tree

My black and white landscape for the dogwood52 challenge


Shovel used to clear an ice rink


The new entrances to Tache Hall on the University of Manitoba Campus.

Mission Beach

A quite spot on Mission Beach on a beautiful February day


These sailboats seemed to ignore the swells as they went back and forth.

Fresh Tracks

Was up on the mountain early this morning enjoying the freshly groomed runs

Blanketed by the clouds

Saw these shadows on the mountain and had to stop and capture them.

In the clouds


A glimpse

The clouds broke to give brief glimpses of the mountains behind.

A bridge over troubled waters

Reflection landscape for 52 week challenge week 11

Trading zone

For week 12 of the dogwood52 challenge, the theme was transportation. I chose this shot since it captured two major forms of transportation here in Winnipeg. Both the river which was used for transport for hundreds of years before the city was built and the railway, which opened up transportation across Canada. The location is near the junction of two rivers.

Springing up

A fallen sheet of ice on the Seine River

Save me

The melting Seine River

A quiet day at the beach

The weather wasn't great, but I went to the beach anyway. Oddly enough, I was the only one there.

Spring Thaw

This is one of the bypass channels for a hydro-electric dam. The layers of ice were still melting

Oldman River Valley

The trestle bridge across the Oldman River in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Kitsilano Beach

Panorama from my iphone

West Van

View of West Vancouver

Looking West

View west from West Vancouver


Stairs down to the beach at the UBC campus.

Piling on

There was some smoke in the air tonight, likely from the fires near Fort McMurray, Alberta which is nearly 2000 km from here. Definitely feel for the residents from there who've had all kinds of things piled on.

On the edge

Assiniboine Park sunset


The sky was again beautiful this evening.

Goin for a ride

Path in the Assiniboine Forest

Chilling by the Seine

The Seine River

Golden Gate

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge

A Grey Day

Found this in San Francisco last week.

Finding peace

Went looking for some nature this evening after a busy day. It was wonderful to hear the frogs croak and the crickets chirp.

An explosion of colour

fresh dill

Up the creek

Bruce Park

The High Level Bridge

High Level Bridge in Edmonton, Alberta

City Hall

Toronto City Hall


Algae pooling by a dam

A Perfect Afternoon

The La Salle River on a perfect summer day


Another hot day with some late day thunderstorms that rolled through

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

A UNESCO world heritage site.

Bertha Lake

500 meters of elevation, but worth the hike

Foothills Front

Caught this storm on my way out of Waterton Park. A stitched panorama of 4 photos.


Panorama of Bertha Lake. it was amazing being the only one there for about 20 minutes before the next group of hikers made it up the mountain

Drifting in

Waterton Lake in Waterton Park, Alberta at beach just by the campground

Blakiston Falls

One of the many falls in Waterton Park

That's the way the world goes round

Another beautiful sunset. Title was inspired by the John Prine Fans I was with

Time to move inside

This afternoon's storm

Good Morning!!

Woke up this morning to a perfectly still lake!

Layers of sky

Another beautiful sunset from the dock.

Waikiki sunrise

Morning on the beach at Waikiki


Sailboat and the setting sun

Sandy Beach Bay

Sandy Beach Bay from near the Halona Blowout


View of Waikiki from Diamond Head

99 steps

The dreaded 99 steps on the way up to the top of Diamond Head

The plank

Pier at Waikiki

Waikiki sunset

Sunset on Waikiki beach


Downtown Honolulu at night

Waimanalo Bay

Waimanalo Bay on Oahu, Hawaii

Island sunrise

Sunrise at Sandy Bay Beach


Vancouver, BC from Stanley Park

Oldman River Bridge

The trestle bridge at Lethbridge crossing the Oldman River


Alexander Wilderness Park


Alexander Wilderness Park

Above the fray

Creek at the Ink Pots above Johnston Falls. The hike up was quite busy, but once past the upper falls things got quieter and at the top, there were only a few people who made the trek.