Darren Fast

Resistance is (not) futile

Found this bit of grass buried under fresh snow as I was walking along the river this afternoon. 365 - day 326

Going nuts

The squirrels have been very busy in our backyard and it often feels like it's raining nuts as they throw them to the ground to extract the tasty bits and save them for the winter 365 - day 244


Abstract trees

Go Fetch

Branch with water washing over it on the beach

It's over

Old rake poked through a leaf 365 - day 265

Keep your distance

Thistle pod

Letting go

Curled leaf in front of some red leaves,

Going out with a bang

I've been watching this ivy the last month turn from green to this beautiful red as the days get colder and the nights longer. 365 - day 279


Wall of the old Upper Fort Garry 365 - Day 283

Remembering the past

Red leaves on an old wall at the Upper Fort Garry Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Mixed signals

I found this stack of three very differently colored leaves and was reminded of a traffic signal. 365- day 284

Blade runner

The grass was still growing while the trees in the background were getting ready to shed their red leaves.

Don't rush me

A leaf about to fall into the rotten tree stump

Bridge over troubled waters

One of the largest reclamation sites in Canada about 5 years later. The plants and forest are coming back. 365 - day 290

Morning glory

Cat tails against a bright morning sky


After a fabulous tomato season with lots of fruit, there were a couple left over tomatoes that had fallen into the leaves that were blowing around on a windy fall day. 365 - day 291

The fall

fall colours after some rain 365 - day 304

Suspended animation

Leaves floating in a puddle.


Rain drops on a leaf

Leaves 1, rake 0

A well loved leaf rake

Bobbing for Apples

We were kayaking and came across a number of apples floating amongst the algae. 365 - day 242

Bumper Crop

Ripening wheat field 365 - day 203

Steppin' out

Mushroom of some sort 365 - day 199

Lettuce grow

Lettuce Leaf 365 - day 190

Fried Green

Green tomato 365 - Day 176

The last gasp

curled leaf 365 - day 275

Fleeting beauty

Found these beautiful Ice crystals on our window this morning and I'm glad I caught them when I did as 10 min later they were gone. 365 - day 332

Spiral Dynamics

365 - Day 25

minus 30

365 Day 45

Through the looking glass

Condensation on the window 365 - day 360

Shadows in the snow

Found this interesting snowbank on Lake Winnipeg. It seemed to be caused by ice that had piled up near the shore as there was a line of this sort of drifts.


Found this interesting mix of sand and snow in a drift while I was out for a walk this afternoon.


Caught the sun glinting off this frozen bubble.


Week 2 photo challenge. It was cold today (-25C) so I made bubbles as the foreground for my landscape.


I actually didn't take a photo yesterday. Felt very weird after taking photos every day for just over a year. This is a closeup of a very delicious pineapple.

Springing up

A fallen sheet of ice on the Seine River

Red Sky at Night

approaching thunderstorm

Under the sea

closeup of a budding sunflower


Early bloom of a sunflower

Goin for a ride

Path in the Assiniboine Forest

In bloom

Flower with water drop

Sands of time

Found these dunes on my bike ride in San Francisco

An explosion of colour

fresh dill

Last man standing

found this at the beach this afternoon.


Another day of not having to water the plants


Another hot day with some late day thunderstorms that rolled through


Water drops in the sunshine

Red Rocks

Found these red rocks on the beach and the sun at just the right angle.