Darren Fast


365-Day 122


Philadelpia LOVE Park 365 - Day 166


Previous views of the world 365- day 168

Quintessentially Canadian

Loon Lake Sunset 365 - Day 221

Fire in the sky

Loon Lake Sunset

Waking the Giant

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Quintessentially Canadian

Loon Lake Sunset 365 - Day 221

A Superior View

The Sea Lion structure in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park 365 - Day 222

Say yes to the bridge

Ouimet Provinical Park Bridge 365 - Day 224

Is this seat taken?

Abandoned chair 365 - Day 226

Coulee iron

365-Day 115

Loon Lake Sunset

Loon Lake, Ontario

The Windy City

Travelling for work and not much time to take pics, so this is all I got for my 365 photo today. 365 - day 287

Blue Chicago

Enjoying the blues in Chicago 365 - day 288

The blues

downtown Chicago 365 - day 289

Night light

I didn't have time to take my daily photo until the very end of the day, and found this interesting lamp beside my bed in the hotel room that I'm in tonight. 365 - day 337

Wonderland redux

Sculpture at The Bow in Calgary 365- day 260

Lost River

Lost River 365- Day 157

The day the wind died

Henderson Lake 365-Day 156


Calgary 365-Day 152

Birds eye view

365-Day 117

Guarding the dock

365-Day 116

Somewhere in Saskatchewan

365-Day 114

Last bridge on the way home

365-Day 107

Good night sweet sun

365-Day 106

Well travelled

365 - Day 57


365 Day 56


365 Day 55

night light

365 Day 53


365 Day 52

Time to fly home

365 Day 31

38,000 feet

365 Day 28

Ocean Breeze

365 Day 30

Winter Wonderland

Found this fabulous hoarfrost on the way to our Christmas celebration 365 - Day 358

A white Christmas

The road outside the cabin where we get to spend Christmas! 365- day 359

Prince George

After my talk, I went back to my hotel just in time to catch the sunset and a shot of the city. 365 - day 338


I counted 390 stairs down (and yes I walked up too) to the ocean just off the UBC campus. 365 - Day 336

Mission Beach

A quite spot on Mission Beach on a beautiful February day


These sailboats seemed to ignore the swells as they went back and forth.


Found this artisan restoring some nautical gear at the Maritime Museum of San Diego. It was amazing to watch him so deftly weave the individual strands of the rope together.


Unfortunately, this was being maintained and I couldn't go in.

A weekend away

View from my balcony on my mini-vacation

Fresh Tracks

Was up on the mountain early this morning enjoying the freshly groomed runs

Blanketed by the clouds

Saw these shadows on the mountain and had to stop and capture them.

Say yes to the bridge-redux

Ouimet Provinical Park Bridge 365 - Day 224

Fire in the sky redux

Loon Lake Sunset - re-edited

Windy City of the North

A compilation of 9 frames, each a 60 second exposure

Oldman River Valley

The trestle bridge across the Oldman River in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Kitsilano Beach

Panorama from my iphone

West Van

View of West Vancouver

Looking West

View west from West Vancouver


Stairs down to the beach at the UBC campus.

Over the Clift

stairwell at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco

Golden Gate

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge

Sands of time

Found these dunes on my bike ride in San Francisco

The High Level Bridge

High Level Bridge in Edmonton, Alberta


OCAD University

City Hall

Toronto City Hall

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

A UNESCO world heritage site.

Bertha Lake

500 meters of elevation, but worth the hike

Foothills Front

Caught this storm on my way out of Waterton Park. A stitched panorama of 4 photos.


Panorama of Bertha Lake. it was amazing being the only one there for about 20 minutes before the next group of hikers made it up the mountain

Drifting in

Waterton Lake in Waterton Park, Alberta at beach just by the campground

Blakiston Falls

One of the many falls in Waterton Park

That's the way the world goes round

Another beautiful sunset. Title was inspired by the John Prine Fans I was with

Good Morning!!

Woke up this morning to a perfectly still lake!


Sailboat and the setting sun

Sandy Beach Bay

Sandy Beach Bay from near the Halona Blowout


View of Waikiki from Diamond Head

99 steps

The dreaded 99 steps on the way up to the top of Diamond Head

The plank

Pier at Waikiki

Waikiki sunset

Sunset on Waikiki beach


Hotel balconies


Downtown Honolulu at night

Waimanalo Bay

Waimanalo Bay on Oahu, Hawaii

Island sunrise

Sunrise at Sandy Bay Beach


Vancouver, BC from Stanley Park

Oldman River Bridge

The trestle bridge at Lethbridge crossing the Oldman River


Alexander Wilderness Park


Alexander Wilderness Park

Time to fly

Coal Harbour sea planes

Spring has sprung

At least in Vancouver